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4 Tips for Taking Your First Solo Trip


Now, I’m a quite autonomous individual. I like doing things alone in light of the fact that that enables me to augment my Jo-exercises and I’m about that.

However, I do perceive that not every person gets a similar rush out of being without anyone else that I do, so I chose to assemble a rundown of gradual steps that will make your first huge alone experience a breeze!

At the end of the day, you’re still on our planet, with other humans! You’re not the only human snatched up and stuck with a bunch of aliens who don’t understand you, like Arthur Dent in this sci-fi classic, so things could be much worse for you! The biggest problem you’re going to have is that maybe the toilets aren’t the nicest, so keeping things in perspective is very important!

Book the ticket!

Are you waffling about going? Talking yourself out of it because you’re afraid, or you can’t get time off, or the eight million other qualms keeping you from taking a trip? Physically buying the ticket will make your lofty idea an actual reality that you can begin preparing for! Procrastination will no longer have a hold on you! Step two is complete!

See a movie by yourself!

I’ve talked to a lot of people who are incredibly uncomfortable with this notion. I’m unsure why, as it is the perfect one-person activity – dark room, no social interaction, a bucket of popcorn all to yourself.

The reality of it all is that people are so wrapped up in their own lives that they hardly notice folks around them, so no one is really going to notice you sitting alone, and even if they do, they aren’t going to care. Once the lights dim and the trailers start, you are in your own solitary bubble, so sit back, enjoy the film, and mow down on that popcorn!

Go on a date with yourself!

It’s an odd feeling, eating dinner by yourself, but if you’re going to be traveling alone it’s something you should get used to! Pick your favorite restaurant and grab a bite to eat solo! If you have the option, eating at the restaurant bar is the perfect place to start your dinner-for-one path, since it’s super common for single eaters to dwell at the bar rail and bartenders are always really good company.

Bring a book or your phone if you’re worried about what to do while waiting for dinner, but chances are you’ll be surprised at how much chatting you’ll fit in with the other bar guests before your entree arrives!

Be alone in public as much as possible!

Since you are a busy adult with many busy adult things to do, chances are you already spend a good amount of time alone anyway. Grocery shopping, basic necessities at Target, driving to all these places – if you think about it we do a lot of things solo in our day to day, so why are you freaking out so much about traveling solo?

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